Applying For College A Year-By-Year Guide For Teens

KC Parent Magazine has just released this helpful article in their October, 2013 issue.

The article discusses and gives tips on preparing in advance for a college enrollment. I recommend that any parent or student who anticipates a college enrollment should read this article as it has many useful tips from an expert.

Topics Covered Are:

Freshman Year:

  • Thoughtfully enroll in college preparatory classes
  • Study hard!
  • Get involved
  • Use discretion in your social media life

Sophomore Year:

  • Explore local colleges and universities
  • Take the PSAT
  • Get a job
  • Explore career options

Junior Year:

  • Prepare for and take the ACT and/or SAT
  • Move into leadership roles
  • Go on campus visits

Senior Year:

  • Narrow down your choices
  • Start applying
  • Be yourself
  • Select a school

Publication: KC Parent Magazine
Article Title: Applying for college year by year
Article URL:
Author: Sara Keenan
Category: College Preparation
Date Published: October, 2013

Choosing a University

Check out this YouTube video on how to choose a University. My son had to change Universities mid-stream and it was not a good thing. He had to rework his degree plan because not all the things he had completed would transfer! This is why you want to carefully select your university and then plan on staying there for the long haul.