Microsoft Internship Video

Microsoft Intern Perspectives – Windows PC Engineering

If you are a college student in IT you should check into internship opportunities with Microsoft.

They have internship roles for the following: Website URL

Hardware & Software

Other Technical Roles


I also recommend you check into the Microsoft scholarship page.

You can also follow Microsoft careers on:

You can also follow Microsoft Jobsblog.

Find An Internship

Got internship?

Most college students could benefit from landing a good internship opportunity. An internship can help you to learn and hone your skills and it can also open the door for permanent employment and career opportunities.

I happened across this webpage that has listings of internship positions. They also have an internship search feature where you can pick from a variety of keywords, locations, and categories.

The internship search web page is located at the following URL: Find internship resources

The website is called College Magazine and you can locate them at the following URL: College Magazine Website

Good luck with your search!